Sunday, February 27, 2011




  1. Like I said with everyone's, your bills look better on the computer. I don't know anything about the theme and the only people I know are on the last three bills (which are my fav for color and composition) The two tweeks I do real quick would make Jerry's face less invisible and "The GZA" more contrasting to match the other two guys on the top bills

  2. Nice theme. I can see the bills much more clearly on the blog than on paper. I like how you incorporate the wu tang "W" on the bill, brilliant. I was wondering why the 20, 50, and 100 have different colors(orange and yellow) for the front and back why the 1, 5, and the 10 does not was there a certain reason, or was that an accident? But I do enjoy the color choices. I like the whole design layout, it looks very neat and organized. Good job :).