Monday, January 31, 2011

Ten Things

i became a fan of the clone stamp tool after my first digital imaging class last friday. i then found out that you can use the band aid tool the same way, however, it attempts to blend what you are trying to paste. its pretty awesome.

also, i have one image missing. currently, its on the computer in alt processes. it should get here soon.


  1. I honestly like your photography better than the funny photoshop stuff. Gah the dead animals are freakin awesome/gross/great composition! The photoshoped images are interesting, I actually am excited to see what happens later in the semester

  2. @ cora

    thanks! i appreciate it, but its CLEAR my photoshop work will end up ion the MOMA before my photography...

    jk. thanks again!!

  3. I like the first two designs. I know that not many people enjoy Tim and Eric Awesome Show but the first one and especially the second, remind me of that sort of video collage style that they are known for. Very fun and oddly surreal.

  4. Thanks for changing over the blog. Your images are pretty funny and I would like to see you keep some of that while getting better with working in Photoshop.